Book Review: The Heartfulness Way

Meditation calms your emotions.


Book Title: The Heartfulness Way: Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation

Author: Kamlesh D. Patel, Joshua Pollock

Format: Paperback

Pages: 216

Publication: Westland Publications Private Limited

Publication Date: 1 June 2018

Blurb: Based on Daaji’s own combination of approaches and practices for the modern spiritual seeker—which draws from the teachings of the Sahaj Marg, meaning “The Natural Path,” and incorporates elements of Sufism—Heartfulness is a contemporized version of the ancient Indian practice of Raja Yoga, a tradition that enables the practitioner to realize the divine self within. While many books describe refined states of consciousness and connection to a higher self, often called “enlightenment” or “nirvana,” The Heartfulness Way goes further, providing a pragmatic course to experience them, which, per the book’s guiding principle, is “better than knowledge.”

Heartfulness meditation consists of four elements—relaxation, meditation, rejuvenation, and connection—and illuminates the ancient, defining feature of yogic transmission (or pranahuti), the utilization of divine energy for spiritual growth and transformation. Using the method, detailed practices, tips, and practical philosophy offered in this book, you’ll reach new levels of attainment and learn to live a life more deeply connected to the values of the Heartfulness way—with acceptance, humility, compassion, empathy, and love.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Review: Heartfulness is one of the self-help book, which can prove to be helpful for people who wish to improve concentration. The book is depicted as conversation to help the readers understand about the various aspects of meditation. “Meditation transforms us”. With the modern lifestyle, we have missed the essence of physical exercise, and mental stability. With the help of this book, I believe people was improve their mental stability and attain peace of mind, even in this world. There are beliefs, postures and basics of meditation discussed in the chapters. The significance of cleanliness of soul and prayer has been explained in the subsequent chapters. Heart is the soul of the body, which is the prime focus of the book. There are decisions which can help the heart abide to the rules and regulations of the society. The book helps in understanding your body and state of mind in a better manner. The conversation between the teacher and the student assists in building better understanding about the human being behavior. The book has been written with a great concept of meditation and self-help. On completion of every section, there are tips summarized about the chapter, in order to help people to brush the tips mentioned in the chapter. The last chapter is one of the greatest chapter of the book- describing the role of “Guru” in our lives. The necessity of a guru in our lives is essential, to guide us through the righteous path in life. I loved reading the book, as it motivated me to indulge in meditation and self-improvement.

Some of the favorite lines from the book:

“Everything starts with the heart”

“When the heart is at peace, the mind is at rest”

“Belief without experience is hollow”

“Thoughts and emotions are like waves on the surface of the ocean”

“Thoughts are not your enemies”

“Emotion has bias”

“Meditation opens your heart”

“Prayer- It is the inner cry of the heart”

“If the heart has even one little desire, a vacuum can attract trouble” 

“Words are not feeling- they are only depictions of feeling”

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